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Vitalistic philosophy as the basis of Nekwerk

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew that our body has the ability to heal itself. Centuries later, in the Renaissance, vital forces were recognized in our bodies that help us resist disease. The "life force" they spoke of is what chiropractors refer to as the body of innate intelligence. Chiropractic in Amsterdam is based on the vitalistic principles of innate intelligence, which control the brain and nervous system and maintain all bodily functions.

If you make a cut in a piece of meat, there is no healing, while a cut in your skin immediately starts to heal. Your body knows how, and that is the life force in action. Disturbances in our nervous system due to blockages in the spine can compromise health and cause loss of function and disease. Chiropractic treatment stimulates life force by correcting spinal blockages.

In chiropractic, the person as a whole is central. If you have problems with your arms or legs, chances are that this is coming from your neck or back. Uncorrected blockages can lead to more serious dysfunction effecting balance, coordination, focus and strength that should be prevented. Blockages are caused by three major stressors in life: physical, emotional and chemical stress.

Many patients have felt significant improvement after their first treatment. It is possible that some stiffness, fatigue or muscle pain can develop after a Chiropractic treatment, that usually passes very quickly. You can compare this to how you feel after a vigorous workout in the gym or helping a neighbor move furniture, because your body is not yet used to the changes. To achieve lasting improvement a treatment plan is advised.

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