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In 1970 was ik vele maanden aan het bed gekluisterd door een verlammende pijn als gevolg van een motorongeluk. Ik heb tevens mijn werk als onderwijzer op moeten geven. Artsen konden mij niet helpen, de door hen voorgeschreven medicijnen verdroeg ik slecht en ik werd geplaagd door bijwerkingen. 

My best friend's father was a physiotherapist, but he couldn't help me either. Acupuncture fascinated me at the time and it certainly helped me sleep better, even though the pain remained. I had never heard of chiropractic until a friend took me to her chiropractor. The improvement in my health that followed gave an unexpected boost to my vitality and marked a turning point in my life.

Alternative lifestyle and healthcare ideals

I was mesmerized by the romance surrounding the alternative lifestyle and healthcare ideals of the 1970s. Macrobiotics, vegetarianism, gurus and the Beatles. My chiropractor gave me books and suggested that I also study chiropractic. I was influenced by his boundless energy and enjoyed the skillful touch of his wise hands. I knew that chiropractic was the right choice for me, with its holistic approach to the body. I was fully motivated to let others experience the drug-free natural methods that had done me so much good.


My uncle was a famous surgeon and four of my cousins ​​were also doctors. My way of thinking was also medically oriented. The motivation for my studies was heightened during spring break when one of my cousins ​​remarked, “Are you reading this book? Why don't you use that knowledge to become a real doctor?" I was one of the top students and was an assistant in the anatomy lab. Dr. Kleynhans was my favorite professor. value in my practice. I completed my education at Palmer College, known as the "Harvard" of chiropractic colleges. I took many advanced courses there and was most influenced by Dr. Clay Thompson's analysis of leg length and his techniques. I also took courses in acupuncture and kinesiology.

Chiropractic practice

Initially I practiced in Portland, Oregon, where I was strongly influenced by alternative medicine: the principle that "everything can be caused by anything" (as opposed to the mainstream "one complaint, one cause") introduced me to clinical nutrition , herbal medicine and body-oriented therapies. I was a certified Touch for Health instructor and taught at Portland Community College. My best friends were naturopaths who practiced Ayurveda and homeopathy and fellow chiropractors who had mastered techniques such as motion palpitation (read more). Years before moving to the Netherlands, I studied with Dr. Henri Gillette, a Belgian chiropractor and founder of Motion Palpitation, and Dr. John Faye, founder of the Motion Palpation Institute. The chiropractic neurology of Dr. Ted Carrick is totally intertwined with my treatment today. I believe there is no "one size fits all" because every person is different. I often find that patients are different from visit to visit.

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