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Acupuncture in Amsterdam West

acupuncture toolFind balance with auricular acupuncture – an effective and secure approach – at our chiropractic clinic in the heart of Amsterdam West. This unique technique was invented in 1957 by the esteemed French physician Dr. Paul Nogier. It’s based on the idea that the ear is a microsystem and an external organ that reflects the entire body, represented on the ear’s outer portion.

It uses the many acupuncture points within the ear to therapeutically connect with different body parts and various health conditions. In auricular diagnosis, specific problems in the body are revealed by areas of the external ear that are darker, discoloured, or flaky.

Embrace a Different Kind of Healing

The journey towards healing continues beyond there. With our advanced approach, we can ensure continuous stimulation of the points by using tiny needles (just 0.6mm). These minute needles are safely secured onto the acupoints using adhesive, ensuring a comfortable and beneficial treatment process.

The beauty of auricular acupuncture lies in its simplicity – the most responsive points are sensitive and readily detectable with a point finder tool, which further aids in delivering the proper pressure, laser, and tens stimulation.

Our clinic offers Auriculotherapy, a safe and proven system of auricular acupuncture, lending extra support to those suffering from back, hip, knee, neck, and shoulder problems. For years, this innovative therapy has been successfully practised at Nekwerk, providing relief and comfort to countless patients.

Achieve Results Beyond Your Expectations

Discover a new type of well-being with auricular acupuncture. Our experienced professionals are only a call away from beginning your journey toward relief and better health. Reach out to us at our Amsterdam West Clinical Centre today!


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