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Meet Chiropractor Michael Blackman

Dr. Michael at deskNekwerk founder Michael Blackman brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the field of chiropractic care. With decades of experience, he remains dedicated to natural healing and wellness, offering happier, healthier living to the Amsterdam West community and surrounding areas.

Michael finds joy in witnessing his patients achieve remarkable improvement. Learn more about him and what he can do to help you heal and thrive.

The Journey to Chiropractic

Before chiropractic, Michael spent many years as a public school teacher. Following a devastating traffic accident, he sought chiropractic care. Michael’s rapid improvement after only a few appointments with a local chiropractor inspired him to play the same role in the lives of others.

Michael graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1976. Since then, he has had the honour of supporting countless individuals and families throughout their paths to wellness.

A Seasoned Chiropractor Possessing Experience & Vitality

When new patients come in for care, Michael hopes they see more than a senior individual. It’s his desire that they see a chiropractor with a mountain of experience, holding the knowledge and skill to help them feel better and stay well naturally.

Beyond the physical practice, Michael aims to convey his passion for the vital energy that drives our lives – a force he believes is essential to holistic wellbeing. With our practice, you can rest assured knowing that you are in the best chiropractic hands.

Beyond the Practice

When he is not busy adjusting, Michael maintains an active lifestyle. He swims three times per week at a local pool and walks with his dog between 150 and 180 kilometres each month. Michael also enjoys riding his bicycle, complete with a dog trailer to include his furry friend in every adventure.

Michael’s family life reflects a rich cultural heritage, with parents who were both schoolteachers and professional musicians. His partner, Trude, is a highly creative individual and renowned dance professor known for her innovative approach to counselling those facing life challenges.

Ready to Get Started?

Michael’s commitment to chiropractic care and a dynamic personal life create a holistic approach to wellbeing that extends beyond our practice.

Join us to embark on your transformative journey to optimal wellbeing and vitality. Book your visit today!

Michael Blackman | (06) 81144054